Portable Gas Detectors

Nothing can compromise safety faster than a gas leak. When working in enclosed spaces or heavy industrialized areas, a gas or carbon monoxide detector can spell the difference between a problem and a disaster.

Portable gas detectors and carbon monoxide detectors from Gas Clip Technologies offer unequaled quality and reliability, with superior customer service.

Multiple models of both gas and carbon monoxide detectors are available in convenient portable units to ensure that you have proper detection and warning if a situation should occur. These detectors are designed to handle rough conditions or challenging environments, and have been tested and certified to the highest standards in the industry. Units are either rechargeable or feature batteries designed for months or even years of performance without changeout. All have a test feature to ensure that the unit is on and fully operational.

Charging stations are capable of charging up to four units simultaneously.

A separate testing unit is also available to ensure that all portable detectors on the job site are functioning at peak efficiency at all times.