Mining, Tunneling, Monitoring & Rail Prisms

Accurate and durable tilting prisms, prism targets, nodal point prisms, and prism assemblies are available in a wide range of formats, colors, and mounting capabilities.

Most can be mounted at either zero or -30 millimeter offset, and feature all-metal holder construction for dependable service in the most challenging of conditions.

Pole sliding prism and reflector systems make setup and adjustments easier for faster, more accurate surveying work. The prism holder slides smoothly up and down the pole, and knobs permit locking in both height and tilt.

All come with an adjustable 40-minute circular vial built into the prism holder. Some systems come with carrying cases to ease transport.

Adhesive-backed targets are also available, which can be fixed to any suitable measuring point for situations requiring long-term survey operations. Targets come in a matte black-and-white pattern with a space for marking the target ID.

For building monitoring, several prism models are available for mounting either on structures or in streets. Their simple, sturdy construction makes them ideal for building inspections or highway surveys.