Buff Safety


At BUFF® Safety we are conscious of the many, very diverse occupational risks faced by workers around the world. That awareness has driven and inspired us to continuously increase our range of work accessories and PPE in order to cover those most common risks.

Coolnet UV neck gaiter is multifunctional and very versatile, the ideal headwear accessory for wearing for a wide range of outdoor jobs and perfect in warm and hot environments. It is seamless for comfort and to avoid skin irritation or abrasions and it can be worn in more than 10 different ways to best fit your needs: covering your neck or nose; covering your entire head for UV protection; as a headband; under a helmet to absorb and wick perspiration for enhanced comfort, and protecting the nape from the UV radiation, etc. As a pioneer in tubular headgear, BUFF has grown into a leader in heat stress management supplies and skin protection. UV-reflective and high-visibility headwear keep up with the demands of a working professional. Filter masks block 98% of airborne particulates while remaining comfortable all day long. Protect yourself from all the harsh elements with BUFF.