Heat Stress Management Supplies

Hydration is of utmost importance to a safe working environment.

Heat stress and dehydration account for most job-related health incidents, especially in warmer climates or high humidity, and can even lead to death. Out of 100 workers that were surveyed, 93 percent regularly experience heat stress while on the job, and according to the CDC, extreme heat causes an average of 658 work- and non-work-related deaths each year in the United States.

As always, it is vital to take appropriate precautions in hot weather, such as checking the heat index daily, setting up suitable water and rest breaks, and using appropriate equipment and clothing.

Staying cool and hydrated becomes a lot easier when you utilize the offered range of both personal and group hydration equipment.

Individual drink packs, hydration totes, and several models of thermal jugs provide effective means of hydrating safely while on the job site.

For keeping cool, a wide range of suitable gear is also available, including hats, bandanas, neck wraps, and cooling vests – everything you need to prevent heat stress under even the most challenging of conditions.