Aerial Target Material

Aerial targets serve as useful reference points to mark a target position for photographic survey flyovers.

Bulls-Eye and Iron Cross survey targets are available in 6-millimeter vinyl with reinforced corner grommets to serve any survey requirements. These sturdy, bright, reusable panels can be quickly emplaced with separately sold fabric pins along a predetermined perimeter of an area to be photographed. They come in various sizes, from 36 to 96 inches.

Target paneling strip is available in white or black-and-white rolls 6 to 48 inches in width and 300 feet in length. They are supplied in either 2 to 4-millimeter thick vinyl or taffeta for excellent color retention, easy reusability, and long life.

Fabric pins for quickly emplacing panels are also available in 12 or 18-inch lengths and are available in boxes of 100.