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Council Tool offers the country's premier line of American-made hand tools for forestry applications and fighting wildfires. They also serve industries ranging from law enforcement to landscaping — any industry that requires heavy-duty hand tools.

Their full line of professional products includes axes, picks, mauls, mattocks, striking tools, shrubbing tools, digging tools, wood-splitting tools, forged bars, C-clamps, and a variety of specialty tools. All products are backed by more than 120 years of quality, reliability, and tool-making expertise from one of the oldest forging operations in the United States.

Why use a gas or electric-powered chainsaw, when the beauty of a forged axe can have superior performance and be passed down for generations to come. Council’s fire rake and fire swatter are indispensable tools for fire containment. Its brush cutting hook is ideal for clearing vines, undergrowth, and briars. Stay at the forefront of fire prevention with Council Tool Company.