Permanent Markers & Writing Utensils

Tough, durable, long-lasting permanent markers are essential for survey work.

All pens featured are reliable and sturdy, and their alcohol-based inks are fast-drying, fade-resistant, and suitable to any environmental condition. Their metal bodies won’t crack, melt, or break. Some pens offer replaceable tips to extend operational life.

For even more durable survey marking, valve paint markers work on any surface; they have replaceable bullet tips and use a non-toxic, fast-drying, weather-resistant paint formula. For warmer climates, lumber crayons are a perfect choice for industrial or survey marking; they come in a wide range of colors and provide long-lasting, highly visible marks on any material.

For simple writing tasks, mechanical pencils offer strong resin barrels that stand up to even the most extreme environments. Lead refills and erasers are also available.