Keson Fiberglass Long Tapes

For over 40 years, Keson fiberglass measuring tapes have met the highest standards of accuracy for quality measurements. They resist breakage and damage under the toughest field conditions.

Each blade is covered with two coats of PVC providing a double shield, one to bind the fiberglass strands and a second over the printed units, so the numbers donít wear away. Kesonís fiberglass tape blades are more than twice as strong as the competitionís blade. The blades contain 40,000 fiberglass strands for greater tensile strength and superior accuracy when tension is applied. An added blade shield adds strength to the attachment (the point at which most fiberglass tapes break). These tapes have proven dielectric strength of 200,000 V/M to assure your safety from electrical hazards.

The weight of a tape is a factor to consider if you do a great deal of measuring. With our heavy-duty fiberglass tapes, Keson packs the strongest possible fibers ó and the greatest number ó into the thinnest possible tapes to keep the weights down while keeping the blades strong.

Keson heavy-duty fiberglass always returns to its proper length after the pulling stops. The reason is our high fiberglass strand count. To keep your fiberglass measurements as accurate as possible, donít pull too hard when making your measurements. Keson has designed a variety of housing types for thier customers: Freewheeling Long Tape (FLT), 3X High-Speed Rewind (OTRS) and Standard 1X Rewind (OTR). Double riveted or screwed cases, metal reinforced handles and shovel-style, rubber grips are standard on all of our offerings.