Scribes & Center Punches

Ideal for fine-line marking on metal, concrete, lumber, glass, or stone, these scribes feature machine-ground precision aluminum handles with diamond knurling for a sure grip.

Some models include a magnetic cap for quickly picking up metal shavings, and a screw chuck for reversing the point when not in use. They are so precise, they are capable of leaving marks of 1/100 of an inch.

Replacement tungsten carbide scribe tips are available separately.

Great for punching starter holes or serving as scribers, various center punches are essential for center marking or staking. The hardened steel point will easily mark the toughest materials, and the spring tension can be adjusted to leave light or heavy marks as desired — all with single-hand operation.

For tougher jobs, Estwing offers a heavy-duty concrete chisel. Made of single-piece solid steel with vinyl grips, these chisels are unsurpassed in quality, balance, and durability.