Caution & Barricade Tape

The sky is the limit for Presco barricade tape. In addition to the popular "Caution" and "Danger" tapes, Presco manufactures many unique products to help increase safety awareness. Barricade tape is used by professionals in law enforcement, safety, construction, painting, mining, hardware, and utilities.

Caution and barricade tapes are an absolute necessity when working in areas with hazardous zones. Presco offers tape in 2 to 3-inch widths, 2 to 7-millimeter thickness, and 135 to 1,000-foot rolls.

Extra-durable, extremely long-lasting woven polypropylene tapes are also available for areas which may require a hazardous or off-limits designation for multiple years.

Offered in bright yellow, orange, or red, there are even biodegradable and cotton recyclable tapes available as a greener alternative or for sites that do not allow plastic tape.

All tapes offered are OSHA safety approved.