Picks, Pins & Probes

Some surveying tasks demand probing for pipes, opening manholes, or cutting down through tough rock and soil. A full range of picks, probes, and pins are available to handle any conceivable surveying task.

Estwing's range of picks is unsurpassed in quality, durability, and lifespan. All are made of solid, tempered steel for ruggedness, and feature shock-reduction grips to alleviate hand fatigue.

T&T Tools offers a range of 3/8-inch soil picks in a variety of lengths and tips. Some models feature patented shock protection up to 75,000+ volts for added safety around powered lines.

Yellow handles are designed for comfort and visibility.

Spare and replacement parts are available separately.

ChrisNik offers a choice of pick or gad models, all made of high-grade tool steel with hardened diamond or steel tips to blast through almost any surface. A range of manhole cover picks with flathead or diamond point tips is also available.