Schonstedt Instrument Company

Trade In Details

Land surveyors, water & sewer pro’s, engineers, excavators, DOT crews, deminers, and contractors trust Schonstedt Locators to detect underground objects up to 20’ below the ground's surface. Using innovative Heliflux Sensor Technology, Schonstedt Magnetic Locators accurately pinpoint buried iron objects, such as corner markers, manhole covers, cast-iron pipe joints, valve boxes, hazmat drums, mag & PK nails, and septic tanks — as well as munitions, such as explosive remnants of war (ERW) and unexploded ordnance (UXO).

Schonstedt Pipe & Cable Locators detect and trace the path and depth of metallic underground utilities, such as water & sewer pipes, irrigation lines, cable TV lines, power lines (including street light power), fiber-optic lines with tracer wire, and plastic pipes with tracer wire.