Confined Space Equipment

Working in confined areas where space is at a premium can result in special challenges to both personnel and equipment. Confined space equipment makes working in such environments safer and more functional.

Several models of strong, durable, lifting tripods are available, all of which are lightweight and portable for simple single-person use. Each features sturdy galvanized or stainless-steel rescue lines and winches, and can lift or lower up to 5,000 pounds safely and quickly. A friction brake serves to prevent the winches from free-wheeling while under load, and each unit includes a pulley and carabiner for attachment to a secondary support.

Also available are quad pods and riser poles for more difficult or permanent installations.

Portable gas detectors and carbon monoxide detectors from Gas Clip Technologies offer unequaled quality and reliability, with superior customer service.

For ventilation, there is the COM-PAX-IAL Blower, a lightweight, compact unit capable of blowing fresh air into a space — or toxic gases out of it. It is designed for quick, tool-free installation and is available with 15- or 25-foot ducting.