Bipods, Tripods & Rod Rests

The latest prism systems require precision support equipment to deliver the most accurate survey readings possible. Sturdy, dependable surveying bipods, tripods, and rod rests permit precise instrument readings without wobble or misalignment.

Bipods come in a variety of designs and features, including thumb-release clamps for easy rod mounting and leg extension, wide-stance pivoting to improve stability, and bipod leg clips for ease of transport.

Tripods are available with universal heads to accommodate a variety of survey poles. Models include strong aluminum construction or durable carbon-fiber designs, or even an alligator-clip top attachment with a ball-and-socket head to make leveling work easy.

The Crain Stedi-Rest can serve as an equipment prop to keep your equipment safely out of mud or water. It can also be used to calibrate or recalibrate your leveling vial, and can be attached to a standard tripod to serve as a pole support.

Additional accessories include foot plates, leg clips, or pole sets to help mount survey poles into hard or difficult surfaces with a simple step of the boot.