Keson Measuring Supplies

KESON makes the highest quality measuring tools and marking products. They design them for use and occasional abuse (accidental, of course) for professional tradespeople. What’s more, they're growing as a manufacturer. Currently, over 50% of their sales consist of products they make right here in the USA. Every year, that percentage is growing; we’re proud of that, and of the fact that the KESON name has meant quality for more than 40 years. If you’re a carpenter, contractor, or tradesperson, you can trust Keson for its measuring tools at an affordable price. From sourcing the best raw materials to performing stringent testing and control standards, Keson is capable of serving industries such as land surveying, construction, paving, civil engineering, traffic safety, landscaping, and more. Choose products including measuring wheels, fiberglass tape measures, tape refills, and permanent marking utensils

From $59.00 to $98.00

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From $50.00 to $145.00