Compasses & Clinometers

Compasses are a must, especially when surveying in back country or unfamiliar territory.

All compasses come with a wide range of available features, including illuminated readouts, all-inclusive compass scales, 0- to 360-degree azimuth, reciprocal bearing, adjustable needles, built-in leveling bubbles, hinged covers, sapphire jewel bearings, and much more. All feature outstanding accuracy, reliability, and durability for years of dependable service.

Clinometers come in a range of models and include capabilities such as measuring slope angles, height, and levels. The all-in-one scales eliminate conversion calculations, and some feature illuminated dials for easy reading in low light. These can be utilized as a hand level, builder's level, optical plummet, or slope detector. Sturdy, lightweight, durable casings mean they will remain accurate and reliable in even the toughest environmental conditions.