Marking Paint & Chalk

Upside-down paint, either water- or solvent-based, or chalk, is used by industry professionals in land surveying, engineering, construction, utilities, forestry, nursery, mining, and oil exploration. Overhead paint is useful for marking mines, underground utilities, construction, excavation sites, and bridges.

Useful for multiple applications in surveying work, marking paint is available in water-based and solvent-based mediums. All feature dense pigmentation and high-volume delivery nozzles to ensure that painted markings are bright, visible, and long-lasting on the first pass. They adhere effectively to hot, cold, or wet surfaces, and feature an advanced, UV-resistant, fast-drying formula that won’t fade even in extreme temperatures or sunlight.

Krylon marking spray paint comes with a patented, no-clog nozzle to ensure continued function even under the most rugged of conditions. Aervoe offers standard and wet-tree paint for surveying in adverse weather conditions, and is fast-drying, offers excellent adhesion, and is lead-free.

For shorter-term marking requirements, marking chalk is designed to last approximately 30 days – depending on weather conditions – and is quick-drying and easy to remove from surfaces with water and a brush. This is useful for the temporary marking of communication lines, electrical installations, construction, and similar surveying needs.

A variety of marking wands and belt-suspended aerosol holders are also available. Hand-held marking wands feature a comfortable grip to ease hand fatigue while applying inverted marking paint. Wheeled marking wands are lightweight, durable, and ensure accurate, straight survey marking on any level surface. All marking wands work with any Krylon marking paint products.

Marking paint belt holders come with a 2-inch-wide belt loop and are made of durable, tear-resistant, 1000D nylon to provide years of reliable service. They come with a Velcro safety strap to hold spray cans firmly while on the move and have an internal stiffener to ease in-and-out movement.