Mag Nails & Nail Markers

Magnetically enhanced nails and nail markers are easily traced and provide efficiency in land surveying jobs. We carry superior ChrisNik Mag Nails, with a larger center point for ease of use. Coated with an environmentally friendly zinc and clear chromate, mag nails are more resistant to corrosion.

When critical survey points need to be set in asphalt, wood, and other tough surfaces, mag nails, mag hubs, and mag spikes provide durable markers that are magnetically locatable even hidden under surfaces.

The large center point helps with ease of use, and all nails are RoHS-compliant. Cotton gin spindles are especially useful on asphalt road surfaces as the gear-rounded head will not shear off when snow plows are being utilized.

For lighter tasks, stake tacks and 60d nails are small and convenient to carry.

Shiners can also be used in conjunction with mag nails to ease location of semi-permanent survey points, and come in either raised 1 5/16 inch or flat 2 1/4-inch formats with center punch holes. Shiners are available by the box or carry bag.

Plastic 1 1/2-inch hub disks come in packs of 100 and feature “Survey Marker – Do Not Remove” printed on both sides. Alternatively, low-cost, bright red plastic nail markers or sticky-back paper targets are useful for temporary survey marks.

Benchties allow benchmarks and ties to be plotted on survey worksheets for easy reference. Supplied with information tags, they can be written on with a permanent marker, and come in high-visibility yellow for easy locating. Each comes with a recessed dimple on top for a prism pole, and makes resections quick and accurate.

Tack Balls are designed to serve as a “pin cushion” for carrying stake tacks, and come with either a belt loop or metal clip for easy portability.