Stake & Lath Bags

Whatever the staking job, being able to safely and comfortably carry stakes or laths in tough terrain requires strong, durable, capacious carry bags.

A wide range of models is available for even the most demanding staking job.

SECO's lath carriers feature their patented Rhinotek material for extremely durable wear. Various models come with leather reinforced bottoms and external pockets for paint cans, marker pens, nails, or any other tools you may want to have handy. Some feature built-in metal reinforcements, which keep the bag open and ready for use. These carriers are tough enough to carry rebar.

Stake holder bags feature the same tough, reinforced nylon construction, and come with internal partitions, adjustable shoulder straps, pockets on the outside for tools, and brass grommets on the bottom to permit drainage. These durable bags will provide you with years of dependable service no matter the terrain or weather.