GPS Rover Rods

Everything from traditional two-piece screw-together models, to telescoping, to snap-lock rover rods.

Rover rods come in either aluminum or tough carbon fiber models, and all feature 40-minute adjustable circular vials for accuracy. Lightweight and durable, these rods have "zero" coefficient expansion and are ideal for all GPS surveying.

Quick-release adapters are available to quickly convert standard screw-together poles for easy assembly and disassembly on-site.

A wheeled version is available for jobs needing good elevations, such as topography, volume, and site preparation surveys.

A complete pipeline survey kit is also available, which includes a 2-meter fixed-height GPS rover rod, magnetic topographic shoe, two 4-foot prism pole extensions, hex wrench, tripod adapter plate, padded case, and optional heads-up 40-minute vial.

From $464.00 to $572.00