ANSI Class II Vests

Class II (2) vests provide superior visibility for wearers through additional coverage of the torso. This type of apparel is required as a minimum for all workers within the ROW of a Federal-aid highway who are exposed either to traffic or to construction equipment within the work area.

Additional vests: ANSI Class III Safety Vests, Non ANSI Compliant Vests

Anyone familiar with survey work knows that safety is always the first priority in any job setting.

Class II vests come in a range of high-visibility colors, and all feature reflective strips and durable construction, from light summer nylon for breathability, to heavier winter designs.

Many feature gusseted pockets for tools, as well as zip closures. Some even feature hidden back pockets.

All designs are OSHA approved and will enhance individual safety on any job site and in any weather condition.