Marking Whiskers & Stake Chasers

Designed for marking survey stakes, construction grade stakes, and utility lines. Also known as stake chasers, blue tops, rooster tails, whiskers, and feathers.

Marking whiskers are virtually indestructible. Handy in every situation — from marking roads, to construction, to fixing points in high-density or rocky soil — these markers install easily and are an indispensable part of a surveyor’s toolbox.

Unlike paint markings, they are impossible to obliterate and cannot be hidden by dust or dirt. Even mowing or heavy equipment will not damage them, making them perfect for long-term marking needs in heavily trafficked areas. They come in a range of high-visibility colors and will not fade over time.

To simplify installation, the Stake Chaser Installation Tool is spring-loaded to hold the stake upright, and one pound with a hammer installs the tracker without damaging or bending the metal stake.