Smi-Carr Stake Chasers 6", 500ct

Smi-Carr Stake Chasers 6", 500ct

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Smi-Carr Stake Chasers 6", 500ct
  • Smi-Carrs most famous and widely used product.
  • Their 6-inch Stake Chaser® brand marking Whiskers® are trusted for their durability and flexibility. 
  • Designed to provide maximum visibility and withstand multiple passes of a grader blade, their first product is perfect for road construction. 
  • Over the years, however, these safe and easy-to-spot Whiskers have also become a prime choice for marking buried utility lines, survey points, and even athletic fields.
  • 6″ Stake Chasers can be easily hammered into a wooden stake or quickly fit onto a 60 penny (60d) nail, and are available in 9" highly-visible color - Call 877-844-3101 for the 9" Stake Chaser.
  • Use with 60D Nails, Magnails, Maghubs, or Woodstakes.
  • Also Known as Whiskers, Blue Tops, Rooster Tails, Feathers, Grade Stake Feathers, Ticklers.
  • Nails and wood sold Separately
  • Sold and Priced Per box of 500
  • Need a Stake Chaser Installation tool, sold separately here
  • Unlimited marking purposes: Mark roads, streets, driveways, parking lots, foundations, site preparations, utility lines, survey points, soccer fields, baseball diamonds, ski slopes, snowmobile trails, golf courses, nature trails, gardening, landscaping, watering systems, cemetery plots, and more.

WARNING - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to