T&T Tools Soil Probe - Components

T&T Tools Soil Probe - Components

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Brand: T&T Tools, Inc.



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T&T Tools Soil Probe - Components
  • Couplers, Tip Packs, & Extension Rods
  • If you need parts or components not listed, please use the Contact Us page or Call 877-844-3101.
  • Used to add extension rods
  • 2 Types: Coupler for 3/8 Round Rods (C1-R) & Coupler for 3/8 Hex Rods (C1-X).
Tip Packs:
  • All tips are made of high strength alloy steel and are heat-treated for added durability. 
  • Tapered edges make penetration and withdrawal easier.
  • The ball nose tip has a slightly rounded nose for delicate probing operations such as: fiber optics, gas transmission lines, water lines, and other utilities.
  • The tip works with both the 3/8" round rod and the 3/8" hex rod.
  • The actual size of the tips is a little larger than the shaft. 
  • This allows the tip to create a clearance hole so the rod will not drag against the ground.  
  • 3-Pack
  • 2 Types: 3/8 Rod Ball Nose Tip (TPTB3), and 3/8 Standard Tip (TPT3)
Extension Rods:
  • Rods are available in the following styles: 3/8" Round or 3/8" Hex
  • All the rods are made from a high strength alloy steel.
  • Using the 3/8" Round rod as a basis for comparison, the 3/8" Hex rod is about 20% stiffer than the 3/8" Round rod. 
  • Lengths: 30-Inch, 36-Inch, 48-Inch, 60-Inch, or 72-Inch
  • Please use the Contact Us page or Call 877-844-3101 for Components not listed

*Note: Not all components are pictured

WARNING - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov.