Sakura Pen-Touch Liquid Paint Markers

Sakura Pen-Touch Liquid Paint Markers


Brand: Sakura of America



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Sakura Pen-Touch Liquid Paint Markers
  • Pen-Touch® liquid paint markers lay down opaque marks on most papers and non-porous surfaces. 
  • Ideal for finer marks on steel and iron, sheet metal, glass and plexi-glass, wood, ceramics and porcelain, and plastics.
  • Industrial applications of these valve type paint markers include marking and identifying parts, pipes and tubing, sheet metal, wiring, construction assembly, manufacturing and fabrication processes. 
  • Pen-touch adheres to most surfaces permanently, is low-odor and xylene-free. 
  • Certified nontoxic, SDS sheets available. 
  • Not considered a bleed-through marker.
  • Colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Black (Red, Purple available upon request)
  • Tip: Medium 2.0mm (Fine 1.0mm Tips available upon request)
  • Priced per Each, Sold per Dozen, please order in increments of 12
Key Features: 
  • valve-action type opaque paint marker 
  • marks multiple surfaces 
  • low-odor 
  • xylene-free 
  • liquid paint
  • Tip: Medium 2.0mm

Part number Color UPC
XPFKA-29 Green 084511397187
XPFKA-36 Blue 084511397194
XPFKA-49 Black 084511390683
42500 White 084511362857
XPFKA-19 Red 084511397163
XPFKA-24 Purple 084511397170
XPFKA-3 Yellow 084511397156

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