Gas Clip Technologies SGC & SGC-Plus Dock or Wall Mount Dock

Gas Clip Technologies SGC & SGC-Plus Dock or Wall Mount Dock

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Brand: Gas Clip Technologies, Inc.



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Gas Clip Technologies SGC & SGC-Plus Dock or Wall Mount Dock
  • Gas Clip Technologies SGC Dock is an all in one docking station designed for maximum testing efficiency and portability.
  • Housed in a rugged Pelican© case with robust USB memory, this station will be able to accurately test and record all monitor data while reducing the testing time and gas usage.
  • Traditional docking stations are only designed to test one instrument at a time, resulting in time consuming testing periods as well as unnecessary usage of testing gas.
  • Gas Clip Technologies has significantly improved both testing time and test gas usage with the SGC Dock; users can now test 4 instruments simultaneously saving both time and money.
  • Works with all SGC and SGC Plus instruments
Each SGC Dock comes with the following standard features:
  • Test 4 units at one time, up to 12 instruments in a minute
  • Easy 1 button operation
  • Robust rechargeable internal battery, hundreds of tests before recharging
  • Internal gas cylinder regulator and pressure gauge
  • 2 GB USB memory for bump test and event log storage
  • Optional unit configuration and firmware updates via GCT Manager Software
  • Rugged Pelican© case or Wall Mount Dock
  • No computer required to operate
  • Model Numbers: SGC-DOCK  or SGC-WMDOCK
Unit Configuration/Firmware Updates:
  • In order to keep your fleet of gas detectors compliant with specific settings, we allow for the SGC Dock to program each unit during either bump testing or calibration.
  • The programmable fields are as follows: User ID, Calibration Interval, Bump Interval, Self-Test Interval, Low Alarm, High Alarm, Show Sensor Readings, Hide Bump Due LED and Hide Clock.
  • For example, if your company or facility requires each detector on site to have specific alarm set points and a bump test interval, instead of programming each unit individually, the instruments can be group programmed while simultaneously bump testing (4 units at a time per dock) using our GCT Manager software.
  • As firmware updates become available, we can program each SGC Dock to update units during bump testing and calibration.
  • Facility safety standard compliance for single gas detectors is now easily achievable.
Event Data and Record Storage:
  • In addition to performing tests, unit configurations and firmware updates, the SGC Dock also stores important information about both the docking station and units tested.
  • All tests performed on the docking station can be accessed from either the USB directly or using the GCT Manager software.
  • Each bump test and calibration event is recorded and logged by date, time and serial number.
  • Along with the test records, the individual event logs from each unit are saved.
  • At the time of the test, the detector transmits its’ event log to the memory.
  • By default, the station will save the previous 10 event logs.
Wall Mount SGC Dock:
  • Gas Clip Technologies offers a wall mount solution for our SGC Dock.
  • Instead of being housed in a Pelican© case, they provide a slim cabinet type case that can be easily mounted on a wall.
  • This option can be selected at the time of order or can be ordered separately to convert your existing SGC Dock to a Wall Mount SGC.
  • This option is a perfect fit for facilities or office environments.
  • *Wall Mount SGC Dock is not pictured
GCT Manager software:
  • Gas Clip Technologies GCT Manager software provides users the ability to communicate and program the SGC Dock or Wall Mount SGC Dock via IR Link or USB memory stick.
  • In order to communicate with a SGC Dock via infrared, an IR Linkis required.
  • Following is a full list of programmable features offered when communicating with the SGC Dock or Wall Mount SGC Dock using the GCT Manager Software via the IR Link:
    • Docking Station Location
    • Number of Event Logs
    • Auto Power-Off Time
    • Gas Cylinder Expiration Date
    • Gas Cylinder Lot #
    • Gas Cylinder Concentration
    • Feature Administration Controls
    • Station Test Logs
    • Individual Instrument Logs
    • Inventory Report
    • All IR Link Software features
  • *System Requirements: Available for Windows© based PCs (XP, Vista, Windows 7) ; Users must also install Microsoft Net 4.0 software.

SGC Dock DatasheetSingle Gas Clip Dock Manual


  • Size: SGC Dock: 19.78" x 15.77" x 7.41" (50.2 x 40 x 18.8 cm)
  • Wall Mount SGC Dock Version: 17.6” × 12” × 7.3” (45 x 30 x 18.6 cm)
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Ion, 2 Months @ 100 instrument bump tests/day
  • Memory: USB 4+ GB Standard
  • Test Performed: Bump Test and Calibration
  • Certifications & Approvals: See attached Datasheet.
  • Information Stored: Bump/Calibration Logs, Individual monitor event logs, Firmware and Unit Configurations
  • Gases Available: LEL, H2S, CO, O2
  • Unit Compatibility: Works with all SGC and SGC Plus monitors
  • Calibration Gas: Compatible with 58L or 116L cylinders; Docks also available in a High Volume/High Pressure model

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