Lufkin 12ft Pocket Tape

Lufkin 12ft Pocket Tape


Brand: Lufkin


Lufkin 12ft Pocket Tape
  • Hi-Viz Orange P1000 Series Power Tape (formerly the 1000 series)
  • Hi-Viz case - easy to find on the job
  • Rubber cushion case exterior protects tape from impact and improves grip
  • Case designed to fit perfectly in the hand
  • Fits easily into most tape holsters
  • Lightweight, high strength case
  • Bright yellow blade has clear easy-to-read numerals
  • Toggle lock is positioned for convenient operation
  • Holds the blade securely in any position
  • Cushioned blade return
  • Removable belt clip
  • 3/4" Width (19mm)
Graduated Options:
  • PHV1312D: Graduated Feet, 10ths, 100ths top edge; feet, inches and 16ths on bottom edge, Instantaneous foot readings, Black markings on Yellow Blade, (Formerly Item# HV1312D)
  • PHV1034DMN: 13'/4m, Graduated millimeters on top edge and feet, 1/10ths and 1/100ths on bottom edge, black and red markings on Yellow Blade, (Formerly Item# HV1034DM and PHV1034DM)

WARNING - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to