Keson 12ft to 16ft, Standard Series Pocket Tapes

Keson 12ft to 16ft, Standard Series Pocket Tapes

Price: From $12.25 to $16.50

Brand: Keson Industries, Inc.



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Keson 12ft to 16ft, Standard Series Pocket Tapes
  • Keson's most popular model
  • Chrome-coated, rubber-grip compact housing comes in the most lengths and units.
  • The textured rubber grips provide a sure hold even in a gloved hand.
  • The easy slide out and swift return action on these tapes make them consistent performers on the jobsite.
  • The nylon-coated blades provide extended blade life.
  • The true-zero, 3-riveted hook offers superior strength.
  • The positive blade lock and reverse button are standard.
  • All have a handy belt-clip.
  • 18 series Tapes are printed with 16inch center and 19.3inch rafter markings and Continuous inches
  • Lengths Available: 10ft, 12ft, 16ft, 25ft, 30ft, 33ft, and 35ft 
  • Graduations Available: 10ths/100ths/ft, or dual Grad: 10ths/100ths/ft & Inches, or dual grad: 10ths/100ths/ft & Metric
  • Rubber grip prevents slips and protects the tape if it does happen to fall.
  • Nylon-coated, no-glare yellow blade.
  • Chrome-plated tape armor adds strength.
  • Belt clip.
  • Positive lock and reverse - the most common and practical lock mechanism.
  • "Bumper" blade return cushions the impact of the hook upon return.
  • Blade width is a standard 1-inch. (10ft & 12ft tapes have a blade width of 5/8 inch.)
Option Details:
  • PG1012 - 12ft - 10ths/100ths/ft - Blade: A2
  • PG181012 - 12ft - 10ths/100ths/ft & Inches - Blade: A4 - Discontinued
  • PG1016 -16ft - 10ths/100ths/ft - Blade: B2
  • PG1025 - 25ft - 10ths/100ths/ft - Blade: B2 - Discontinued
  • PG181025 - 25ft - 10ths/100ths/ft & Inches - Blade: B4 - Discontinued
  • PG10M25 - 25ft - 10ths/100ths/ft & Metric - Blade: B6 - Discontinued
  • PG181033 - 33ft - 10ths/100ths/ft & Inches - Blade: B4 - Discontinued

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