Sokkia SDL Digital Level Rods

Sokkia SDL Digital Level Rods

Price: From $880.00 to $183.00

Brand: Sokkia



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Sokkia SDL Digital Level Rods
  • Sokkia's RAB-Code (RAndom Bidirectional Code) staffs are designed exclusively for use with Sokkia Digital Levels (SDL).
  • Staffs are fiberglass unless Specified (BAS55 is Aluminum)
  • Lengths: 16ft, 4meters, & 5meters
  • Each Barcode staff comes with a case
Barcode Staff Options:
  • Item# 210154510, (Old#'s 738043, 210150013): BGS50-G3, 16ft Barcode Staff SDL with ft/10ths/100ths on back with case, 4 sections 
  • Item# 210154500, (Old#'s 738042, 210150012): BGS50, 5meter Barcode Staff with Case, 4 sections
  • Item# 210154400, (Old#'s 738041, 210150010): BGS40, 4meter Barcode Staff with Case, 3 sections
  • Item# 210164300, BAS55, Aluminum, Barcode Staff 5 Meter

*Not all Barcode staffs are pictured

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