SECO TSC7 Magnetic Pole Bracket

SECO TSC7 Magnetic Pole Bracket


Brand: SECO

SKU: 5200-60


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Made in America

SECO TSC7 Magnetic Pole Bracket
  • SECO's new magnetic bracket for the Trimble TSC7 makes moving your controller simple.
  • This 3-piece system incorporates SECO's new 5200-167 anti-crush pole clamp.
  • Combined with the 5200-51 large female base and a solid magnetic collector plate 5200-54
  • This holder is made out of machined, rugged aluminum 
  • Utilizes Seco's new MagPad system for a quick, secure connection
  • No plastic parts
  • Allows for easy access to the battery for battery swap
  • Ergonomically designed by Seco engineers
  • The rear screw locking system on the female base provides extra security to prevent unwanted disconnections.
  • Manufactured in North America
  • Data Collector sold Separately
5200-60 - TSC7 Magnetic Pole Bracket - Complete Unit comes with:
  • (1) 5200-54 - TSC7 Controller Magnetic Attachment
  • (1) 5200-51 - Female Base Large
  • (1) 5200-167 - Pole Clamp

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