SECO Tilted Tripod Bracket (Version 2)

SECO Tilted Tripod Bracket (Version 2)


Brand: SECO

SKU: 5196-07


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SECO Tilted Tripod Bracket (Version 2)
  • Tilted Tripod Bracket (Version 2) 
  • This flexible SECO aluminum bracket holds a data collector/controller to a SECO or any similar brand tripod.
  • Fits the Allegro, Archer, Explorer, Recon or JETT®•ce.
  • Weighs 0.06 lb (0.03 kg)

Parts Available

5196-07 - Tripod Bracket, Allegro/Explorer/Recon/Archer

  5196-07 - Tripod Brkt, Algro/Recon/Arch

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