SECO The Claw Series Quick-Release Controller/Collector Cradles

SECO The Claw Series Quick-Release Controller/Collector Cradles

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Brand: SECO

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SECO The Claw Series Quick-Release Controller/Collector Cradles
  • Here’s the next generation of quality SECO all-metal collector/controller cradles.
  • The streamlined design of these new cradles fit the body of a collector/controller snugly with simple, comfortable locking on the bottom of the cradle.
  • The new design utilizes an ‘anti-crush’ feature that locks up the cradle when tight, but is limited — the risk of damaging controller is greatly reduced.
  • These new cradles are constructed of corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum and the stainless steel clamp screws feature non-jamming coarse threads for easy open and close use.
  • The optional Claw Quick-Release Pole Clamp (#5200-15) has the same features as the cradle; it cannot crush the pole and the stainless steel clamp’s screw threads are coarse for fast opening and closing. 
  • The cradle can also be used with SECO's old-style "Open" Pole Clamps (5198 series.)
  • *Not all Cradles are pictured
Option Details:
  • 5200-050 TSC2™, Ranger™ 300X, 500X, FC-2500
  • 5200-065 TSC3™ / Ranger3™ Series
  • 5200-058 FC-120, FC-200, FC-250
  • 5200-059 Nomad™ 800/900 Series 
  • 5200-062 Carlson Surveyor, Carlson Surveyor+ 
  • 5200-064* Geo 6000 Series, Geo 7 Series
  • 5200-070 JUNO 5 Series/SP T41
  • 5200-072 Mesa, Tesla
  • 5200-073* Archer 2, Mini2, FC-500
  • 5200-074* Allegro 2, Carlson Surveyor 2
  • 5200-075* Nautiz X8
  • 5200-076 FZ-M1, FZ-B2 (Panasonic Tough Pads, (Not Claw, snap in))
  • 5200-077* Mesa 2, FC-5000, RT3 (Not Claw, snap in)
  • 5200-052 Allegro MX and CX, Jett®•ce, Explorer, Tracker, FC-2200 - Discontinued
  • 5200-054 FC-100, Mobile Mapper CE and CX, ProMark 3 - Discontinued
  • 5200-056 GMS-2, GMS-2 Pro - Discontinued
  • 5200-067* JUNO 3 Series - Discontinued
  • 5200-069 FC236, X7, PS236 - Discontinued

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