SECO Aluminum Leveling Rods

SECO Aluminum Leveling Rods

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Brand: SECO



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SECO Aluminum Leveling Rods
  • These telescopic aluminum leveling rods (Builder Rods) are made of a light and durable alloy.
  • The Builder Rod telescopic sections are anodized, silk-screened with moisture-resistant ink. 
  • Each rod section uses sturdy polycarbonate buttons that lock each section when extended. 
  • Height gauge is on the back side. 
  • The design makes rod top align flush with laser bracket for direct H.T. reading on back of rod. 
  • The rods come in three heights and Graduations.
  • Each rod includes a special level and protective bag.
  • Graduations: 10ths/100ths/ft, Inches, or Metric 
Builder Rod Option Details:
  • 7301-50: 16.4ft Aluminum Leveling Rod, 5-pc, 10ths/100ths/ft, 3.5lb, Collapsed Height 48" 
  • 7301-40: 13.12ft Aluminum Leveling Rod, 4-pc, 10ths/100ths/ft, 3.1lb
  • 7301-30: 9.8ft Aluminum Leveling Rod, 3-pc, 10ths/100ths/ft, 2.4lb
  • 7321-50: 16.4ft Aluminum Leveling Rod, 5-pc, Inches, 3.5lb, Collapsed Height 48" 
  • 7321-40: 13ft Aluminum Leveling Rod, 4-pc, Inches, 3.1lb
  • 7321-30: 9ft Aluminum Leveling Rod, 3-pc, Inches, 2.4lb
  • 7341-40: 4m Aluminum Leveling Rod, 4-pc, Metric (5mm), 3.1lb
  • 7341-30: 3m Aluminum Leveling Rod, 3-pc, Metric (5mm), 2.4lb
  • 70014-7: Replacement Aluminum Leveling Rod Button, Round, 13mm
  • 70014-6: Replacement Aluminum Leveling Rod Button, Round, 17mm

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