SECO 5198 Series Classic Pole Clamps

SECO 5198 Series Classic Pole Clamps

Price: From $81.00 to $100.75

Brand: SECO

SKU: 5198-XXX


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SECO 5198 Series Classic Pole Clamps
  • SECO aluminum open clamps feature a quick release button and a brass clamp screw that attaches to the pole. 
  • The open clamps are designed for poles or rods with a 0.75 to 1.25-inch O.D.
  • Item# 5198-152 is for 1.5-inch O.D. rods and poles. 
  • These items are manufactured from black anodized aluminum and feature brass clamp screws and stainless steel quick release pins.
  • Use with 5198 Series Cradles or with the new 5200 series, "The Claw" quick-release controller/Collector cradles.
Option Details:
  • 5198-059 with 0.15- x 0.92-inch Accessory Slot
  • 5198-052 Plain
  • 5198-054 with 40-min Vial
  • 5198-055 with Compass
  • 5198-056 with Compass and 40-min Vial
  • 5198-152 Plain for 1.5-inch O.D. Pole

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