SECO 2X Hand Level, 5- to 7-Inch

SECO 2X Hand Level, 5- to 7-Inch

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Brand: SECO

SKU: 4300KR


Made in America

SECO 2X Hand Level, 5- to 7-Inch
  • A tradition in precision, this model #4300KR hand level is heavy-duty
  • The 4300-KR is hand-finished for smooth and accurate operation with etched glass prisms and precision ground lenses.
  • No exposed screws
  • Interiors are non-glare
  • You can fully disassemblable the unit for easy cleaning
  • This 5-inch (127-mm) hand level extends to 7 inches (178 mm)
  • Two power magnification with a stadia ratio of 1:32
  • It has an external vial that is visible when looking through the eyepiece
  • Weighs 0.4 lb (0.18 kg)
SECO Hand Level features:
  • Brass body
  • A non-glare internal finish
  • 3-line mirrors.
  • The typical accuracy of the Hand Level is 1/4-inch per 20 feet.
  • These hand levels come standard with a leather belt case


Level Measurement To determine the difference in elevation between where you are standing and another point, measure the height from the ground to your eye. Place a level rod, tape measure, or similar device at the desired point, holding it in a plumb position. Look through the hand level eyepiece at the level rod, tilting the instrument until the bubble is equally divided by the central line. Subtract that value from the ground to eye height value to determine the difference in elevation. 

Distance Measurement (Stadia Method) 

For distance measurement, the draw tube must be fully extended. Look through hand level eyepiece at the level rod, tilting the instrument until the bubble is equally divided by the central line. Read the values indicated on the rod at the upper and lower lines. Subtract the lower value from the higher value and multiply by 32 to obtain distance from your position to the rod.


The object cap assembly and eye cap assembly may be unscrewed and lenses wiped with a non-abrasive cloth or tissue. 


On a level surface set up a stable stand or tripod at eye level 15' to 20' from a vertical surface such as a wall. Place hand level on stand and use a tape to measure from the floor to middle stadia line in field of view. Mark a target at the same height on wall. Tilt hand level slightly up or down until the middle stadia line is level with target. If the bubble is not centered within the upper and lower stadia lines, unscrew the objective cap assembly and use a flathead screwdriver to tum the adjusting screw. Tum adjusting screw clockwise to lower bubble, counterclockwise to raise it. Replace objective cap and check adjustment. Repeat process until bubble is centered and middle stadia line is level with target on wall. Note: This is a basic adjustment. For a more accurate adjustment hand levels may be sent to the factory.

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