Laser Technology TruPulse L2 Foliage Filter


Laser Technology TruPulse L2 Foliage Filter


Brand: Laser Technology, Inc.

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Laser Technology TruPulse L2 Foliage Filter
  • Item# 7035201
  • Mechanical Receive Foliage Filter
  • Foliage Filter for the TruPulse L2
  • Use to filter out foliage or obstructions and only acquire a reflective target.
  • Use when in Filter Mode on a L2 Trupulse (Filter Mode is featured in all TruPulse® laser rangefinders, making sure that that unit only receives measurement data to a highly reflective target.
When the Filter Target Mode is Active:
  • The laser's sensitivity is reduced so the laser only detects laser pulses returned from a reflective target.
  • This means that the TruPulse will reject laser pulses from a non-reflective target.
  • Typical maximum distance is 350 feet (107 meters) to a 3-inch (7.5 cm) reflector in dense foliage.
  • The TruPulse will detect pulses from any reflective target. You may see slightly less performance with a less reflective target, or slightly more with a more reflective target.
  • When the Filter Mode is active, there will be an icon or letter character illuminated to notify user is in the Filter Mode.
Directions for use:
  1. Attach the Foliage Filter tether around the metal post attachment point on the laser.
  2. Place the Foliage Filter over the TruPulse L2 Receive Lens
  3. Align the Foliage Filter to fit properly, align the filter tether loops to the bottom of the Receive Lens.
  4. Press the Foliage Filter all the way into the lens cavity.
  5. Turn on Filter Target Mode in laser
  6. Aim at a reflective target

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