Keson Speed Rewind Fiberglass Tapes, Hook End

Keson Speed Rewind Fiberglass Tapes, Hook End

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Brand: Keson Industries, Inc.

SKU: OTRS Series


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Keson Speed Rewind Fiberglass Tapes, Hook End
  • 3X HIGH-SPEED REWIND, 3x1 Rewind 
  • Open Type Reel 
  • Keson's best offering in the fiberglass housings.
  • The OTRS series pairs an incredibly durable ABS Housing with Keson's excellent fiberglass blades.
  • The housing features double rivets that provide added strength.
  • End caps on the arms further protect the housing.
  • The shovel handle with rubber over-mold keeps your grip sure and comfortable.
  • The 3X high-speed rewind gearing is made up of metal, strip- proof gearing.
  • Blade and housing are rust & break-resistant.
  • Rubber shovel handle for a comfortable, “no-slip” grip.
  • Metal-reinforced crank handle lasts longer.
  • Double-throat rollers guide the blade return and prevent the tape from twisting.
  • Double-riveted housing for durability. 
  • Hook End  (Dual Grad tapes have a Ring End)
  • 0 at hook end (Dual Grad tapes have 0 at tape end)
  • 1/2-inch Ultra-glass Blade
  • UltraGlass blade provides superior strength & accuracy 
  • Multilayer Ultraglass blade construction ensures corrosion resistance, even to salt water.
  • 2-coats of PVC coating over 42,000 strands of fiberglass. 
  • Hi-visibility housing lets you find it fast.
  • Lengths: 100ft, 200ft, 300ft
  • Graduations: 10ths/100ths/ft or (Dual Grad) 10ths/100ths/ff & Inches 
  • *Please Note: The 300ft tape with Dual Grad: 10ths and Inches is actually 330 Feet, Item# OTRS1810330

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