Keson Pocket Rod

Keson Pocket Rod


Brand: Keson Industries, Inc.

SKU: PR610


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Keson Pocket Rod
  • This unique grading rod is compact like a tape measure.
  • Simply remove the nylon-coated steel blade from the case and you have a convenient 6-1/2 foot (2 meter) vertical-reading leveling rod.
  • Each case has a built-in target.
  • When finished, just slide back into the case.
  • It's ideal for checking a grade without having to carry a full-size rod.
  • The Pocket Rod is ideal for foundation work, grading, swimming pools, excavating, and construction photo records.
  • The 6-1/2-Foot, nylon-coated blade protects the gradations from moisture and wear.
  • Easy-to-read number are printed on both sides. (Black numbers on 1 side, red numbers on opposite side.)
  • Perfect for photographs that require scale.
  • A police and insurance adjuster favorite! 
  • Graduations: Ft & 10ths
  • (call 877-844-3101 to order Graduations / Options, not advertised here.)
  • Remove Blade for inspection
  • Built-in target on 2 sides.
  • Nylon coated facing not affected by moisture.
  • Non-glare surface. 
  • Graduated on 2 sides. 
  • Convenient surveyors pole. 
  • Numbers run up and down.
  • Heavy-duty end hook.
  • Zero Point: Hook end.
  • Inside and Outside measurement available.
Option Details:
  • PR610: 6.5ft, ft & 10ths, hook end
  • PR618: 6.5ft, ft & Inches, hook end
  • PR2M: 2meters, Metric, hook end

WARNING - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to