Keson Electronic 4-ft Metal Professional Measuring Wheel, Digital

Keson Electronic 4-ft Metal Professional Measuring Wheel, Digital


Brand: Keson Industries, Inc.



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Keson Electronic 4-ft Metal Professional Measuring Wheel, Digital
  • Keson Digital Electronic Metal Professional Measuring Wheel
  • The MP401E is the only electronic wheel with a steel frame. 
  • It is the worlds sturdiest electronic measuring wheel, and Keson thinks its the easiest and the most comfortable to use.
  • Keson is confident that it will stand up to the harshest field conditions.
  • Swan-Neck ergonomic handle - the patent-pending thumb-up grip ensures less wrist strain and superior control.
  • Reliable input system with magnetic sensors - Dust, dirt and other particles can disrupt a light beam used in competitive units. Keson's magnetic pick-up does not have these problems.
  • Sealed Counter encasement - Designed to NEMA Class II standards, Keson's counter housing ensures that it will not be damaged by rain.  You can safely clean the entire wheel with a damp cloth.
  • Counter size and placement - Our huge digital counter is in the most protected spot on the wheel. 
  • With the handle up, it is nearly impossible for the counter to come into contact with the ground. 
  • With the handle down, the roll bar offers solid protection.
Advantages of all MP series wheels:
  • Innovative, simple center-line design, great balance.
  • Rugged 3/4" steel frame - strongest in the field.
  • Compact fold-down easily reduces to 1/2 its size for storage and portability. Storage is a snap.
Electronic Wheel Specs:
  • Backlight LCD display for low-light usage
  • Auto shut-off extends the battery life.
  • Built-in Kickstand.
  • Display LCD; 7 digits; up to 99,999ft 11in or 99,999.9 tenths and metric.
  • Number size: 1/2-inch
  • Memory: 8 Measurement recall
  • Add Wheel Radius for wall-to-wall measuring
  • Units: Feet & Inches or Continuous inches or feet & 10ths (decimal feet) or metric.
  • Calculations: Length, area
  • Power: 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Wheel Composition: Spoke wheel with precision turned circumference.
  • Maximum Speed: 10 mph (16.25 km/h)
  • Product Weight: 7lbs (3.17kg)
  • Length: Extended: 42in (106.7 cm); Storage: 21-inch (53.4 cm)
  • Accuracy: 2-inches in 100-feet, 99.8%
  • Wheel: 4ft (1.22m) Circumference; 15-1/2in (31.75cm) Diameter.
  • Frame Material: 3/4-inch steel tubing
  • Collapsing method: 1 fail-safe barrel clamp
  • Warranty: 2 year limited wheel warranty
  • Contractors, Estimators, Engineers, Landscapers, Paving Contractors, Fencing specialists, Real Estate Pros, Utility personnel, Surveyors, Police work, Facility Engineers, and Telecommunications contractors.

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WARNING - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to