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  • The Halo™ is a cord-free 360° Personal Safety and Task Light that attaches to any standard hard hat and produces a ring of light around the wearer, enabling him or her to see and be seen in all directions at all times. 
  •  Includes 1 x 18650 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Please Note: *** 18650 Lithium-Ion battery charger sold separately ***
Product Details:
  • Lightweight and cord-free
  • Visible over 1/4 mile away in all directions at all times
  • Powerful flood task light for improved work efficiency
  • Fully illuminates the task area out to the visual periphery
  • Eliminates shadows no matter where you move
  • Four light modes: Halo, HI-Alert, Task, Dim
  • Built tough to survive in rough work environments
  • Rechargeable battery run-time of 5.5-34 hrs (mode dependent)
  • Connects securely to any hard hat
  • IP Rating of 67 to protect against dust, dirt, and water (IP67)
  • Easy single button functionality
  • One year warranty
Light Modes:
  • Halo:
    • Use Halo mode while moving around and performing a number of jobs 
    • Full brightness in 360º to enable the wearer to See and Be Seen in all directions
  • Hi-Alert:
    • An attention-getting rotating/pulsing light to maximize the wearer's chance of being seen by others
    • Use HI-Alert when flagging or signaling, while working around moving vehicles or machinery, or whenever you want to be extra noticeable
  • Task: 
    • 200% power to the front third of the Halo, illuminating the wearer's workspace out to the visual periphery 
    • Use Task mode to fully flood your entire workspace right out to your visual periphery
  • Dim: 
    • A low-power 360° lighting solution for times when full brightness is not preferred
    • Switch to Dim when working in close proximity to others or having a face-to-face conversation
Built Tough:
  • PPE designed for harsh work environments.
  • So tough, it survives...
    • 25 Foot Drop - ILLUMAGEAR drops a Halo from a scissor lift at 25 feet.
    • Drive-Over - A Jeep drives over the Halo. 
    • Water Immersion -  ILLUMAGEAR immerses the Halo in a large water bucket for 60 seconds.
    • Toolbox Abuse - ILLUMAGEAR tosses a fully loaded toolbox onto the Halo... twice.
    • Mud Abuse - ILLUMAGEAR completely buries the Halo in mud.
One of a Kind - The Halo was specifically designed for people working in tough environments. (Headlamps aren't in the same league.)
  • Safety: The Halo is a Personal Active Safety System that attaches to any hard hat and produces a ring of light around the wearer enabling him or her to See and Be Seen in all directions at all times. (A typical headlamp is not designed or intended to be used as a safety device; only as a spot task light.)
  • Brightness: The Halo produces up to 202 lumens in 360° or 77 candela in Task mode. (A typical headlamp produces only about 50-70 lumens in one focused direction.)
  • Visibility: The Halo actively illuminates the wearer in 360° at all times, making him visible over 1/4 mile away. (A headlamp provides no safety visibility benefits, except from straight ahead.)
  • Task Light: The Halo's Task mode floods light across the wearer's work area out to his visual periphery. (A headlamp produces only a narrow beam of light.)
  • Attachment: The Halo has a unique, patented system that attaches securely to any hard hat without invalidating the ANSI rating. (A headlamp is not designed to be worn on a hard hat and is often glued, duct-taped, or zip-tied to the hard hat which may invalidate its ANSI rating.)
  • Power: The Halo is powered by a single, on-board Li-Ion rechargeable battery that provides over 5-1/2 hours on highest power and is certified for 500 charge cycles.  (A headlamp is typically powered by AA or AAA batteries that last about 3 work days and then are disposed. The cost of all those batteries quickly adds up.)
  • Durability: The Halo is built tough to survive rough work environments and is put through a rigorous set of durability tests. Its IP67 rating means dust, dirt, mud, water, rain, and snow have no effect. (Headlamps are not designed for harsh environments and usually last only a few months in the field before they break. They often have only an IP64 rating so don't get them too wet. )

ILLUMAGEAR Halo Sales Sheet ILLUMAGEAR Halo Manual


  • 31 x 260 x 330mm
  • 284g
Battery Runtime
  • With a fully charged ILLUMAGEAR 18650 battery, runtime on a single mode will exceed:
  • Halo mode: 5.5 hrs
  • Task mode: 5.5 hrs
  • HI-Alert mode: 14 hrs
  • Dim mode: 34 hrs
  • Halo mode: 202 lumens
  • Task mode: 183 lumens, 77.2 candela
  • HI-Alert mode: Fluctuating luminosity
  • Dim mode: 41 lumens
  • 3.7V @ 0.6 amps
Safety Standards
  • UL 1638, CSA C22.2, UL 8750
  • IEC/EN 60598-1, IEC/EN 60598-2-4
  • IEC/EN 62031
  • IP Rating 67
  • Dielectric strength: 30,000V minimum

WARNING - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to