ERB Go-Specs II

ERB Go-Specs II

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ERB Go-Specs II
  • Go-Specs II™, Generation 2, Hybrid safety glasses with goggle features.
  • The Go-Specs II eye system offers choice, comfort and usage in multiple applications and environments.
  • Use indoor or outdoor, protects against dust, sand, cement, chemicals, heat, humidity and more!
  • The worker now has a choice of comfort and protection with the Go-Specs II system.
  • Close-out, Limited Supply Available, Quantity available is marked.
  • Comes with Lenses, rubber tipped temples, and a strap
  • Choose either a strap or rubber tipped temples for protection.
  • EVA closed cell foam seal for better fit.
  • Automatic swivel adjustment of strap angle.
  • Ballistic V0 rated* for impact protection - 7x ANSI Z87+ energy. (4x Z87+ impact velocity)
  • SuperCoat™ anti-fog coating.
  • 2.3mm thick Polycarbonate lens with a base 9.5 curvature.
  • 99% UV protection for UV A, B and C, 180-380 nm.
  • Tested to ANSI Z87.1-2010 (+) and CE EN-166 
  • *Tested to US Military Standard MIL-PRF-31013 Impact Test.
Option Details:
  • WELGG45CAF:  Go-Specs II, Splash, Foam Lined, Impact Spectacle/Goggle with Clear Anti-Fog PC Lens, strap and temple. (Former item# GG-45C-AF)
  • WELGG45GAF: Go-Specs II  Splash, Foam Lined, Impact Spectacle/Goggle with Grey Anti-Fog PC Lens, strap and temple. (Former item# GG-45G-AF)

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