ChrisNik Pipe-Mic II

ChrisNik Pipe-Mic II

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Brand: ChrisNik Inc

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Made in America

ChrisNik Pipe-Mic II
  • Measure pipe inverts and sizes fast, easy & accurate with the Pipe Mic
  • Measurements are more accurate because you are measuring with a vertical plumb rod.
  • Made for SECO 25' SVR Level Rods, and USL Level Rods
  • Made of lightweight (two pounds) non rusting aircraft aluminum.
  • No tools needed to attach to rod.
  • Slides on and off in seconds.
  • Round foot design slices through material at bottom of pipe (like a pizza cutter) and insures accurate invert and pipe diameter measurement.
  • By pulling a pin in just seconds you can go from zero to 1 ft. vertical offset for clearance under rod.
  • Pronounced "PIPE MIKE 2"
  • Made in the USA
To use:
  • You can direct read the depth of the invert when the pin is set at "zero offset" on the PIPE-MIC II.
  • If you need clearance under rod to measure an invert move the pin to "1' vertical offset hole"
  • If you need clearance under a rod and a pipe that is hard to reach you can use the 3ft. arm instead (purchased separately).*
  • Move pin to "1' vertical offset w/ 3' Arm" hole.
To size a pipe:
  • The foot is 0.33 or 4".
  • Take the reading from the rim, pull up and take reading plus 0.33 and that is your pipe size.
Option Details:
  • 1702PM2: Pipe-Mic II
  • 1736ARM: 3 ft. Arm with Wheel 
  • (The 1ft extension (1712EXT) is no longer available)
Examples for sizing Pipe:
  • 4" Pipe Size = 0.00 movement
  • 6" Pipe = 0.17
  • 8" Pipe = 0.33
  • 10" Pipe = 0.50
  • 12" Pipe = 0.67

(Remember you Pipe-Mic II wheel diameter is 0.33 or 4")

Optional 3 Foot Arm
  • Part number 1736ARM
  • 3' with 4"diameter foot. 

Instructions for Pipe Mic II & 3ft Extension

WARNING - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to