Flagging Tape

Flagging supplies for use in all road work, land surveying, and traffic engineering. Best quality from top manufacturers, including Presco.

Non-adhesive, bright, distinctive tape designed for mapping, tagging, and other surveying requirements. Available in 1 inch to 1 3/16-inch widths, 2 to 4-millimeter thickness, and 100 to 300-foot rolls, tape selection includes a wide range of regular and fluorescent colors, as well as distinctive patterns to ensure long-distance visibility.

Certain tapes can be printed with private labeling, UPC coding, or custom messaging.

Products from Presco include non-toxic, biodegradable, cellulosic flagging tapes designed to break down within outdoor environments in 6-24 months. For longer-term marking needs, Tuff offers extremely durable, coated, vinyl flagging tape capable of withstanding extreme temperatures (-20 degrees) without becoming brittle. This tape typically loses only 4% of its color per year.