SECO QLV Pole Swiss Style, Wild Tip

SECO QLV Pole Swiss Style, Wild Tip

Price: From $292.00 to $430.00

Brand: SECO

SKU: 5802-X0


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SECO QLV Pole Swiss Style, Wild Tip
  • QLV Pole with a Wild Tip 
  • Aluminum Swiss Style Telescoping Prism Pole with QLV Locking Mechanism – 10ths and Metric. 
  • These telescoping poles with QLV™ locking mechanisms are easily the most user-friendly prism poles on the market.
  • The QLV (Quick Lever with Vial) locking assembly keeps the high-vis 40-minute vial on the lock itself, out of the way of other accessories like data collector clamps and bipods that need space on the pole.
  • The small diameter, 1" OD, (25 mm exact) bottom section fits Swiss-style slide-on controller brackets.
  • It reads direct for any 86 mm height prisms.
  • This pole is anodized clear with red graduations and red logo.
  • It has a two piece replaceable point.
  • The Pole is Compatible with Leica Style Prisms
  • (Can be used for Robotic Wild Tip situations)
Pole Details:
  • The 8ft #5802-10 pole extends to 8.3 ft (2.5 m) and collapses to 4.80 ft (1.46 m).
  • It Weighs 2.50 lb (1.13 kg).
  • The 12ft #5802-20 pole extends to 12 ft (3.6 m) and collapse to 5.10 ft (1.55 m).
  • It Weighs 3.55 lb (1.61 kg).

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