Bad Elf 2-Meter Collapsible Field Pole

Bad Elf 2-Meter Collapsible Field Pole


Brand: Bad Elf

SKU: BE-FFP-5500


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Bad Elf 2-Meter Collapsible Field Pole
  • Introducing the Bad Elf Flex rover rod. 
  • This 2 meter carbon fiber lightweight rover rod is ideal for use with Bad Elf Flex. 
  • Approximate collapsed dimensions: 14" x 6" x 6" 1.25" OD
  • Lightweight yet durable, the six-piece GPS Rover Rod is made of carbon fiber to provide long-lasting strength and use throughout the years. 
  • Standard two-meter length when assembled. 
  • The steel tip comes with an included rubber cover to help protect the point. 
  • Collapsible into six connected sections so you can take it apart for more convenient transport.
  • Assemble by extending the sections and screwing one section into the other by twisting each in opposite directions. 
  • The mounting thread at the top of the pole has a standard 5/8" x 11 male thread for easy mounting. 
  • Includes a soft carry bag along with the rover rod for convenient storage. 
  • The rover rod also includes a foam handgrip and bubble vial to assist orientation.

Bad Elf Flex is pictured on the Pole, Bad Elf Flex Sold Separately

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