SECO Pipeline As-Built Kit

SECO Pipeline As-Built Kit

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SECO Pipeline As-Built Kit
  • Get your shots from outside the ditch.
  • Stay above ground and get your weld elevations and locate pipeline with the P.A.K. (Pipeline As-built Kit)
  • The magnetic topo shoe with it’s 40lb of pull force easily attaches to the standard 2 meter Rover rod.
  • With the addition of the offset pole holder kit and the extensions you can get your data easily from the ground level.
  • The Pipeline As-Built Kit consists of a 2 Meter Rover rod, a Magnetic Topo shoe, a Offset Pole Holder kit, and 2x 4ft Pole extensions. (Option 2 comes with the Heads Up rod Level as well)

Product Details - Option 1:

  • 2-Meter Fixed Height GPS Rover Rod, 2 sections 
    • Item# 5125-00-FLY
    • 40-minute circular vial.
    • Vinyl handgrip.
    • Two 1 meter sections 
    • 2 sections screwed together at the 1-meter mark.
    • 5/8 x 11 threads
    • Replaceable Hardened steel point included
    • 1-1/4in O.D. 
    • Weighs 3lbs(1.36 kg)
  • Magnetic Topo Shoe
    • Item# 5193-04
    • Strong magnet keeps the Pole in place while allowing precise location
    • Standard topo shoe length, 3.375-inch (85.7-mm)
    • 2-inch (50.8-mm) diameter chrome-plated steel housing with grade-8 ceramic magnet ring
    • Magnet has 40 pounds of pull force on 3/8-inch (9.5-mm) clean steel plate
    • Works with any ferrous metal surfaces, helps keep the pole from slipping.
    • Tilting pivot allows measurement on sloped or flat pipe surfaces 
    • Machined brass pole connecter with female 5/8 x 11 threads 
    • Weighs 0.55 lb (0.25 kg)
  • Offset Pole Holder Kit
    • Item# 5198-157
    • The Offset Pole Holder Kit allows you to perform odd setups and/or stay away from dangerous situations.
    • A padded case, hex wrench, and an adapter plate for instrument tripods are included
    • Combine the kit with any 5/8 x 11 threaded pole extension (like the range poles) and a Heads-Up™ Level for a safe and sturdy setup
    • Weighs 2.20 lb (1.00 kg)
  • 1-inch OD 4ft Prism Pole Extension (x2)
    • Item# 5110-01-FLY
    • The sturdy aluminum pole has 5/8 x 11 male threads on the bottom and 5/8 x 11 female threads on the top.
    • The pole is electrostatically powder-painted for maximum durability.
    • 1-inch (25 mm) outside diameter.
    • Length: 4-feet
    • Weighs 1.30 lb (0.59 kg)

Product Details - Option 2 w/ Heads-Up Rod Level:

  • Same Products as Option 1 (2m Rover Rod, Tilting Magnetic Topo Shoe, Offset Pole Holder Kit, 2x 4ft Pole Extensions.)
  • Heads-Up Rod Level, 40min vial
    • Item# 5001-20 
    • This innovative tool gives the user an added sense of safety while doing routine surveys in traffic areas.
    • The surveyor no longer needs to look down while traffic is flying by.
    • They can simply look through the side window.
    • This allows the users to keep their surveying partner in sight for faster surveying.
    • The heads-up level is right-reading too, nothing is reversed.
    • It features a 40-minute vial.

Image 5.0 stars out of 5
The safe way to as-built pipelines

The SECO Pipeline As-built Kit that Baseline has put together is great. It is hands down the most functional and safe way we have found to as-built pipe in a ditch. We no longer have to worry about the ditch caving in on our employees or asking the contractor to dig a bell hole for us to access the pipe. It is simple to use and the magnet has just the right amount of force to stay on the pipe without damaging the coating. This is certainly one piece of equipment every pipeline surveyor needs in their truck.

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