Dutch Hill GT2000ADC Composite Tripod, Dual Clamp

Dutch Hill GT2000ADC Composite Tripod, Dual Clamp


Brand: Dutch Hill



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Dutch Hill GT2000ADC Composite Tripod, Dual Clamp

  • The GT2000ADC is Dutch Hill's sturdy, standard, & most popular tripod around, ready to meet the demands of its profession with a new dual Clamp
  • Wide Frame extension leg design
  • Fiberglass composite legs don't shrink and swell with changes in moisture.
  • Thermoplastic, stainless and aluminum components for durability and corrosion resistance
  • Dual Locks: Quick Lock positive clamping leg adjustment & a Metal Twist Lock on the Lower Leg 
  • Replaceable stainless steel foot point
  • Mechanically fastened parts (not glued on) for easy replacement
  • Weight: 13lbs
  • Capacity test: 100lb
  • Length extended: 70.5"
  • Length collapsed: 44"
  • Head area: 25"
  • Head: Aluminum
  • Max. work load: 50lb
  • Color: Yellow
  • 5 year warranty
General Dutch Hill Tripod Info:
  • All Dutch Hill tripods are made with composite parts for superior strength.
  • The result is a product that will provide a stable and accurate platform and provide many years of service.
  • Dutch Hill offers two types of legs constructed of pultruded tubing with your choice of reinforcement.
  • The standard tubing reinforcement is fiberglass, it offers high durability.
  • The optional choice is carbon-fiber, it offers lighter weight and greater stiffness.
  • The feet and intermediate brackets are all made of Valox®, a thermoplastic that offers excellent dimensional stability and resistance to harsh conditions like cold, moisture and chemicals.
  • The two types of heads offered are made of either Valox® (composite) or aluminum.
  • Fasteners and components used on Dutch Hill tripods are made of stainless steel or aluminum for excellent corrosion resistance.

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