SECO Tri-Max Universal Elevator Tripod

SECO Tri-Max Universal Elevator Tripod

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SECO Tri-Max Universal Elevator Tripod
  • Item# 90558
  • SECO’s Universal Tri-Max® Elevator features a working height range of 4.10 ft (1.20m) collapsed, to 8.60 ft (2.62m) extended with the center column at full height
  • The tripod is stable for instruments up to 25 lb (11.33 kg), under most conditions
  • The center column independently lifts 1.00 meters
  • A gear box controls lift and descent so the center column cannot free fall
  • An additional 1-m section may be added for a total recommended height of 10 ft (3 m) for instruments under 15 lb (6.80 kg) (Item# 90558-050 - 1-Meter Extension is an option in the dropdown)
  • The 5/8 x 11 mounting head is removable and adjustable in azimuth direction
  • Machined-aluminum elevator column and fiberglass legs makes for a robust and easy-to-use laser instrument tripod  
  • Make More Measurements Up and Down With Just One Tripod Set-Up
  • Instruments can be attached to the top or bottom of the center column.
  • By attaching to the bottom, instruments can be lowered below grade or into tanks
  • A gear box ensures the center column will not free fall and provides fine lift
  • Dual clamps ensure that the tripod legs will not slip
  • Weighs 29 lb (13.2 kg)
  • Laser Scanners
  • Robotic Instruments
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