SECO Mini Stakeout Prism with Site Cones

SECO Mini Stakeout Prism with Site Cones


Brand: SECO

SKU: 6405-10-FOR


Made in America

SECO Mini Stakeout Prism with Site Cones
  • This new double-yoke Mini Stakeout Prism from SECO features site cones on either side of the assembly and an adjustable side-mounted circular vial.
  • The site cones conical shape improves vertical angle pointing and the white color allows your instrument’s crosshairs to be more visible and center more precisely. 
  • The site cones double as tilting-axis lock knobs.
  • The adjustable 40-min vial is mounted on the front side and is easy to see and adjust.
  • The prism can be set in 0 and -30 mm offset positions.
  • It measures 100mm from plumb bob point to tilting axis.
  • The prism can be handheld or pole-mounted at the top or bottom.
  • A belt case is included.
  • Color: Flo Orange
  • Weighs 0.72 lb (0.33 kg)

WARNING - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to