ERB Tectra Hard Hat, 6pt Rachet Suspension, Non-Vented

ERB Tectra Hard Hat, 6pt Rachet Suspension, Non-Vented

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ERB Tectra Hard Hat, 6pt Rachet Suspension, Non-Vented
  • Tectra™ Safety Caps
  • Elvex proudly introduces a new advanced safety helmet that challenges the traditional appearance and functionality of safety caps. 
  • Non-Vented ONLY (Please Call 877-844-3101 if the options and colors you need are not advertised)
  • Six point Suspension
  • Ratchet
  • Close-Out, Limited Stock Available, Stock available is marked.
A quick summary of design elements and features:
  • A striking contemporary design - good balance between a traditional shape and a modern and appealing design
  • A lightweight Polypropylene shell
  • Four head hugging suspensions
  • Vented and non vented versions
  • Non conductive and general versions
  • Hidden suspension hangers
  • Rain trough for water disbursement
  • Contour at ears to accommodate hearing protection
  • Accessory slot (30 mm) 
  • The most important aspect of a safety helmet suspension is that it holds the helmet securely on the head.
  • The head-hugging suspensions of the Tectra helmet have a lower center of gravity than what is offered on other safety helmets.
  • This lower center of gravity results in a very secure feeling of a helmet that stays on the head.
  • Six point ratchet suspension Only. (Call 877-844-3101 for 4 Point or Pin-Lock Suspensions)
  • All suspensions have three height adjustments.
  • The Tectra helmet is available in Vented and Non-Vented versions. (call 877-844-3101 for vented options.)
  • The vented version has eight ventilation holes at the crown of the helmet.
  • On the non-vented version the ventilation holes are permanently closed, and look like cosmetic decorations.
  • NON-Vented helmets meet Class E (electrical) requirement of ANSI Z89.1-2009.
Types and Classes:
  • Tectra is a Type I helmet, meaning that it is designed to provide protection from impacts to the top of the head.
  • There are three classes of helmets: Class E (electrical) is rated 20,000 Volts, Class G (general) is tested to 2,200 Volts, and Class C (conductive) are not intended to provide protection against electrical hazards.
  • The Tectra helmet complies with ANSI Z89.1-2009 requirements for a Type I helmet.
  • The non vented version complies with Class E, G and C, and the vented version complies with Class C. Certification to CE EN 397 is pending.
Designed for accessories:
  • The Tectra helmet is designed to work with accessories and comes with a standard 30 mm slot.
  • It works with Elvex hearing protection and face protection.
  • Use any of our four cap mount muff models, with suffix 29 or 30, such as HM-6029 or HM-6030.
  • Use visor bracket model VB-30, in combination with any of 20 different face shields and wire mesh visors. 
  • Please Call 877-844-3101 or Use the Contact Us page for accessories and/or other options by Elvex.
Option Details:
  • Non-Vented:
    • White; Item# WELSC506RWHITE (Formerly item# SC-50-6R-W)
    • Yellow; Item# WELSC506RYELLOW (Formerly item# SC-50-6R-Y)

WARNING - This product contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to